The continuous distinctions that Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C. has been receiving for the funds under management, as well as its fund managers’ top performance, reward the consistency and the company's commitment to delivering the best quality management result. At the same time, these demonstrate the company's ability to equally compete foreign asset management companies.

More specifically, Morningstar®, the international fund rating agency, since 2005 has rewarded with numerous top distinctions (5 stars, 4 stars) some of the Company’s funds, after assessing the risk/return relationship of each fund on an ongoing monthly basis, compared to its peer fund groups across Europe.

The Citywire Global, the international firm of economic reporting and fund managers’ rating, since 2012 has repeatedly awarded fund managers of Eurobank Asset Management Mutual Funds with several top distinctions for their fund management capacity and effectiveness.

Furthermore, after evaluating numerous foreign asset management companies, within which top international managers are included, Citywire Global has awarded Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C. with the highest distinction (Citywire-Platinum) for specific asset classes.

Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C. is also certified according to the International Standard EN ISO9001: 2008 for the Quality Management System, which has developed and implements, following the assessment by the reputable and internationally acknowledged Certification Body TÜV HELLAS, 100% member of the TUV NORD Group.

During the course of the certification assessment, it was confirmed that Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C. implements a Management System in line with the above Standard, for the following scope:

   ·    Mutual Funds Management

   ·    Institutional and Private Portfolio Management

   ·    Fund Selection Services

   ·    Investment Advisory Services