Our vision is to be the company of first choice in the asset management business both in Greece and in the wider area of Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean through our portfolio management expertise, our innovative product approach and our international presence, building long-term relationships based on mutual trust. We emphasize on the transparency and quality of transactions, as well as on the efficient management of investment risk associated with our activities both in Greece and abroad. Our first priority is to accomplish our clients’ investment objectives and exceed their client service expectations. We follow a rigorously structured and client-oriented investment process according to our clients’ needs and their investment profile.

Investment philosophy

Our main principle is the formation of investment policies and investment proposals through the constant and methodological assessment of current financial conditions within a long-term horizon.Our core strategy is the active management of investment portfolios and mutual funds on the basis of identifying and taking advantage of investment opportunities in all asset classes.Our aim is to consistently offer optimum investment solutions using a combination of top quality quantitative and qualitative investment management processes.

Investment process

The core of the investment process is the Investment Committee, comprising of a group of experienced managers and analysts. All decisions are taken by consensus and executed in a disciplined and transparent manner. Client interests are safeguarded by strict internal controls combined with state-of-the art risk management systems. 

Risk management

The Risk Management Division plays an important role in the control process of investment risks. Through the use of specialised risk management systems, the Division assesses and ensures that trading is performed in a risk-controlled manner within strict regulatory and internal limits. Daily risk reports are provided to internal investment committees, to the company’s Board of Directors, as well as to the Regulatory Authorities. Stress tests are continuously exercised and extensively analysed, providing insight to the funds’ and investment portfolios’ behavior under various stress market conditions.The Risk Management Division also plays an essential role in the formulation of the policy for the evaluation of the assets of all portfolios under management. The Division is also responsible for risk/performance attribution, namely return analysis in relation to investment risk. Furthermore, the Division performs daily risk controls for the Special Purpose products for which it also develops evaluation models, whilst it applies Risk Budgeting procedures to the Absolute Return funds.