The discretionary portfolio management service addresses Eurobank Private Banking clients who prefer not to be actively involved in the process of managing their financial assets and choose to delegate the management of their portfolio to a specialized portfolio management team aiming at long-term performance and transparency.

Discretionary Asset Management differs distinctly from other forms of professional asset management services that are usually offered as standardized products to the broader investment community due to the following advantages:

  • Professional management by specialized portfolio managers with proven track record - investors have immediate access to the portfolio management team
  • Tailor-made portfolio management, based on the individual investor’s investment profile

  • Transparency in transaction execution and portfolio structure

    The management of the portfolio is conducted according to the client’s investment profile and the portfolio selection takes into account:

    • The investment risk
    • The investment horizon
    • The expected returns
    • The need for income stream

    The management of the portfolio is conducted in any of the following two forms:

    • Greece and the Region portfolios:active management based on security selection

    • Global portfolios: active management based on Fund Selection and ETFs both in Euro and in USD

    The transparency of the portfolio is achieved through continuous reporting provided by Eurobank:

    • On a monthly basis: portfolio valuation and structure
    • On a quarterly basis: detailed valuation and performance report including report of all transactions and investment moves
    • Upon request: whenever deemed necessary by the client