The Global investment Advisory Division (GAD) consists of 6 experienced individuals in international financial markets with solid academic background, stemming from Greece, US and UK, spanning strategy, portfolio management and trading in foreign exchange, fixed income, and equity utilizing both cash and derivative instruments. Primary responsibility involves developing advisory tools to identify investment themes that will transform them into profitable strategies.


GAD’s Word (Monthly Issue)

GAD’s Word (GW) is the flagship publication of the Global investment Advisory Division (GAD). This thematic publication aims at identifying, simplifying and analyzing market themes into profitable investment strategies.

GAD Morning (Daily Issue)

GAD Morning (GM) is a brief daily information bulletin which aims at providing a daily summary of key events and price references by asset class.

GAD’s Buzz (Ad Hoc Issue)

GAD’s Buzz (GB) is an ad hoc, brief report used by GAD to communicate trade entry, stop-loss or profit-taking in the interim period between successive monthly GW issues. It is also used as a communication device for extraordinary market events that warrant an analysis.

Investment Committee Views (Bi-weekly Issue)

Investment Committee Views (ICV) is a high-frequency publication, which includes investment strategy and asset allocation. Under the auspices and guidance of GAD, it provides a synthesis of the medium- and short-term market views of the organization’s key divisions. It consists of two parts:  the first provides a synopsis of the investment backdrop and its consequences for investment strategy  the second aims at providing specific investment solutions consistent with the suggested investment strategy.

Bond Lists (Daily Issue)

These lists cover a wide spectrum of criteria such as time horizon (short, medium, long term), geographical exposure, risk tolerance (low, medium, high), issuer (corporate, sovereign, quasi-sovereign). Custom-made bond portfolios are the natural extension of the bond lists and are provided according to each client’s needs upon request.

Model Portfolios (Monthly Updates)

Model portfolios reflect the current investment and asset class recommendations, which follow the ICV investment strategy. These generic portfolios cover three risk levels (low, medium, high) while the investment allocation covers asset class and geographical exposure.

Asset Markets & Investment Strategy (Monthly Issue)

This is an analysis of the current investment climate and the key events that affect global markets.