ESG Investment Philosophy

Investing for tomorrow.

Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C. became the first asset management

company in Greece to join the “PRI Initiative (Principles for Responsible Investment)”, as part of the wider Eurobank Group policy to support sustainable development and responsible business. At the same time, the adoption of an ESG investment philosophy (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) proves our Company’s culture of responsibility towards the environment, society, corporate governance and sustainability in a broader sense.

Sustainable investments.

The adoption of ESG criteria in the investment decision making process and investment selection, is a rapidly emerging trend worldwide (as indicated by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance reports), from both the investors’ as well as the asset managers’ point of view.

Invest in values consistent with your own.

Selecting investments, which implement an ESG philosophy, has a twofold meaning as they offer you the ability to take advantage of investment opportunities, while allowing you to contribute to sustainable growth and to awareness regarding the main factors that affect it. Through the adoption of these criteria we prove our responsibility towards the environment, the society and corporate governance, contributing to sustainability.

What is the ESG investment philosophy?

The ESG investment philosophy is adopted by end investors who wish to contribute to sustainability through their investment behavior, as well as by asset managers that make investment choices that also contribute to sustainability. More specifically asset managers invest in companies that demonstrate an explicit orientation towards three directions:

 •      Respect for the environment - Climate change, CO2 emissions, water scarcity, air pollution, energy efficiency, waste management etc.

•      Social issues – Human and working rights, health and safety in the workplace, gender equality, diversity and inclusion etc.

•        Sound corporate governance – Compensations and wages, board independence,  business ethics, transparency, anti-corruption, accountability etc.

Our Company’s initiatives in the ESG context.

E, S, G. Three letters with great significance.

Actively implementing the basic PRI principles

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance issues play a vital role in the formulation of our corporate culture.

Being the first asset management company in Greece that became a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C. follows the below practices:

(1)  Adopts  ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria in the investment analysis and decision making process of the company

(2) Adopts ESG criteria in the governance and business practices of the company,

(3) Actively seeks  ESG practices to be adopted by the companies in which Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C. invests

(4) Promotes the acceptance and implementation of the PRI principles in the investment community

(5) Is constantly seeking areas of improving the effectiveness of the implementation of the PRI principles

(6) Publishes reports related with the actions and progress regarding the implementation of the PRI principles

Comprehensive ESG strategy

In Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C., we have adopted an ESG strategy, which dictates that successful investment returns and responsible corporate behavior are correlated. At the  corporate level, we focus at  the following pillars of sustainability and corporate responsibility:

 •        We operate with responsibility towards our employees, clients and investors, maintaining a robust set of values, rules and procedures and a rigorous but at the same time flexible code of conduct.

•        We are a socially responsible company, in the context of the Eurobank Group set of values, focusing on actions and initiatives related to Education, Society, Culture, Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship.

•         We have incorporated advanced technological methods in the investment process and we are in the vanguard of digital transformation in distribution and reporting.

•       We manage pioneering investment products that complement the first and  second pension pillars, aiming at supporting the standards of living post retirement.

•        We communicate and promote the prospects of Greece in the European investment market.

Invest with a positive impact on sustainability.

The international trends and practices that we have adopted in our investment management process enable you to invest with a positive impact on a global level.

ESG funds worldwide:

•         Enable  you to invest in companies whose philosophy is consistent with your values and contribute to their improvement in the areas of sustainability and responsibility.

 •         Their returns are directly comparable and competitive with the returns produced by traditional investment solutions.

•        Offer a wide range of choices among different asset classes.

Actively investing in sustainability: (LF) Fund of Funds – ESG Focus

(LF) Fund of Funds - ESG Focus, aims at capital appreciation in the medium to long term by combining performance with factors relating to the environment, society and corporate governance (ESG), ensuring a shift towards responsible investments.

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