Discretionary Portfolio Management

Exclusively for Eurobank Private Banking customers

Customised management

Qualified management team

Transparency and regular updates

Discretionary Portfolio Management allows you to assign your portfolio or part of it to a qualified management team. This way you ensure professional management tailored to your investment goals and regular updates on the structure and performance of your portfolio, as well as on the execution of transactions.

Discretionary Portfolio Management is only available to Eurobank Private Banking customers (natural or legal entities). If you are interested in Discretionary Portfolio Management, but you are not a Private Banking customer, you may find service useful.

Professional management tailored to your profile

Our qualified team chooses and adjusts the portfolio’s structure and diversity to your investment profile and goals.


Customised solution

Discretionary Portfolio Management differs from other types of professional management available to investors through standardised products.

It has benefits, such as:

  • Identifying the investment risk that suits your profile.
  • Assuming the level of the investment risk you prefer.
  • Providing an estimated investment horizon.
  • Meeting the need to increase your capital or generate income through your investment.

Awarded management team

Our management team has a proven track record of achieving returns. View our international awards.

Transparency and regular updates

Discretionary Portfolio Management ensures transparency in transactions and instant access to your portfolio structure.


Portfolio transparency is ensured through the regular updates you receive from Eurobank:

  • Every month, on your portfolio structure.
  • Every 3 months, on your portfolio transactions and performance.
  • Any time you ask for an update.
  • If the value of your portfolio drops by 10% from the beginning of each reporting period.
  • Annually, on the costs and fees.

For global portfolios (Global € and Global $)

We undertake the discretionary management of portfolios invested in global markets, choosing UCITS provided by top global fund managers and/or ETFs.


For investors who seek:

  • Professional monitoring for their portfolio based on the desired risk/return ratio, through a structured investment process.
  • Investments in global markets.
  • Separate portfolios with different risk levels – Defensive, Moderate Bond, Flexible, Dynamic (depending on how their investments are allocated).

Find out more about Discretionary Portfolio Management, Global.


  • Euro – Global Euro
  • US Dollar – Global USD


  • Diversity through 15 global fund managers
  • Full transparency in terms of structure, performance and transactions
  • Regular updates
  • Option of instant redemption
  • Investment in institutional share class
  • No entry and redemption fees for mutual funds

The portfolio structure and fees vary depending on the risk level you choose.

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