At Eurobank Asset Management MFMC we manage mutual funds and portfolios of private and institutional investors. We provide integrated products and services to meet your investment objectives. Our investment philosophy is based on the values of professionalism, transparency and trust.

Eurobank Asset Management MFMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurobank SA.

No. 1 in mutual fund management

Eurobank Asset Management MFMC is the top company in mutual fund management in Greece with a 25.96% share in the mutual fund market, according to figures from the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association as of 31.03.2024.

The value of the mutual funds we manage

The funds we manage and supervise have a total value of €5.6 billion (as of 31/03/2024):

  • 61 mutual funds with a total value of €4.5 billion – 24 mutual funds authorised in Greece, 34 mutual funds authorised in Luxembourg and 3 mutual funds authorised in Cyprus.
  • €1.2 billion in institutional and private portfolios.
  • €0.63 billion in third-party mutual funds managed by foreign investment companies.

Also operating in Luxembourg

We are the only mutual fund and portfolio management company in Greece that manages mutual funds authorised in Luxembourg.

In 2006, the Eurobank Group founded Eurobank Fund Management Company (Luxembourg) SA. It is responsible to set up the (LF), (LF) Fund of Funds and TLF Funds, and has assigned their management to us.

Our values

Our values govern all our activities and help us stay true to our commitment to provide innovative products and services that meet your needs.

Transparency and quality

Eurobank Asset Management MFMC is certified to the international standard ΕΝ ISO9001:2015 for applying a Quality Management System.

This proves that we place emphasis on transparency and quality for our transactions, as well as on effective investment risk management across all our activities.


Your investment goals are a priority for both us and you. We want to offer you products and services that meet your needs.

This is why we try to forge long-term relationships of trust with you.

Our investment philosophy

Our aim is to always and consistently achieve the best possible return/risk ratio for the portfolios we manage.

Expert management

Our management team experts:

  • Use qualitative and quantitative management methods of the highest standards.
  • Are supported by advanced portfolio management and monitoring systems.

Our distinctions and certifications actively demonstrate our consistency in delivering high-quality management results.

Learn more about our distinctions and certifications.

Systematically assessing the environment

One of our fundamental principles is to constantly assess current economic conditions.

Based on these assessments we formulate our investment policy and recommendations.

Active management

Our strategy is based on looking for and making the most of investment opportunities.

We pursue active management for:

  • Mutual funds
  • Institutional and private portfolios

Supporting sustainable development

We are the first fund management company in Greece to commit to the global PRI initiative.

Our investment philosophy follows ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.

We actively support sustainable development guided by a deep sense of responsibility regarding environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

Find out all about:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are inextricably linked to our philosophy and operation.

We acknowledge our social responsibility and undertake actions and initiatives with a view to actively contribute to the improvement of the economic and social environment.

Investment process

The Investment Committee of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC formulates the investment process that we follow. It is staffed with experienced managers and analysts.

Decision making and execution follow a structured process, aiming to safeguard your interests. This process is characterised by:

  • Transparency and discipline.
  • Strict internal control.
  • Risk assessment and management using advanced technological systems.

Investment risk management

The Risk Management Division of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC aims at effectively managing investment risk in all our activities.

Dedicated assessment systems

To manage investment risk, we use dedicated systems that assess whether transactions are carried out in compliance with the regulatory or internal risk limits.

Daily updates

The Risk Management Division provides daily reports on investment risks to:

  • Internal investment committees.
  • The Board of Directors of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC.
  • Regulatory Authorities.

The reports include thorough stress tests. These provide information on the behaviour of mutual funds and investment portfolios in stressed market conditions.

Valuation policy and return analysis

The primary role of the Risk Management Division is to:

  • Determine the valuation policy regarding portfolio assets managed by Eurobank Asset Management MFMC.
  • Analyse the portfolio risk / performance attribution.