The visitor of, “EUROBANKAM”), web-site operated by the company under the name “Eurobank Asset Management M.F.M.C.”, with registered office  in the Municipality of Athens (10, Stadiou str.), registered under the Number 2292401000 in the Ministry of Development snd Investments  and under Register Number in the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission 79/5/09.07.1996 and 6/600/11.10.2011 (hereinafter, “the Company”), fully accepts the terms outlined here below and acknowledges that he/she will be bound by such terms every time he/she visits  EUROBANKAM. The Company has the right to modify the said terms any time by announcing the said modifications through EUROBANKAM. Any use of the EUROBANKAM after such modification is announced, shall be considered approval of this modification.

Through EUROBANKAM, the Company provides the visitor with the possibility to be informed in relation to issues referring to the Company itself, information and documents regarding Mutual Funds and other investment products and services, and in relation to announcements and advertisements referring to the Company’s individual operations.  

Access and Use of EUROBANKAM

The access to EUROBANKAM is provided upon initiative of the user, not of the Company.
The user of EUROBANKAM is exclusively responsible to possess the necessary hardware, software, telephone or other communication equipment, as well as any service which is necessary in order to have access to the Web-page. The Company does not guarantee, whether explicitly or not, that EUROBANKAM and the underlying software is free of viruses, errors and any other damaging elements (in particular, “worms”, “Trojan horses”, etc) and shall not be liable for any damage caused to the said equipment of the user, his/her software or files, as well as for any damage the user may suffer as a result of the said causes.
The use of EUROBANKAM must be carried out exclusively for lawful purposes and in a way that will not limit or prevent its use by third parties. The user, also including the simple visitor, is obliged to act in accordance with the law, the fair practice and the present terms and not to cause any damage or malfunction to EUROBANKAM incurred as a consequence of his/her acts or omissions.

Intellectual Property

For the purposes of the present document, the term “Intellectual Property” shall mean any right on copyrights and industrial property, such as patent, right on patent or utility model, submission of application regarding a patent or a utility model, or right to submit an application regarding a patent or a utility model, intellectual creation of word and art, moral right and parent right, a commercial secret, a trade-name, a distinctive feature of commercial enterprises and activities, right as regards the business, the ‘know-how’, pattern, sample, web-page pattern, internet domain name, computer’s program, material and immaterial proprietary information and procedure, algorithm, mathematical formula and any other immaterial right of that kind, whether submitted or not.
The content of  EUROBANKAM, such as, indicatively, the trade-name, the trademarks, distinctive titles, texts, photos, pictures, graphics, etc, are protected by national and international provisions on intellectual and industrial property.

The user acknowledges the intellectual property rights of the Company and its third-party providers, on the data contained in EUROBANKAM, including pictures, graphics, photos, patterns and texts.

It is forbidden, without the prior written permission by the Company, in whole or partly, to sell, copy, modify, republish, reproduce or to exploit in any other way, data of EUROBANKAM which constitute a right on intellectual property which the Company or its providers have. Exceptionally, it is allowed to partly copy, print or save any of the aforementioned data, provided that that source indication (EUROBANKAM) will not be eliminated and the data will not be used for commercial purposes.

Links with other web-pages - Banners

EUROBANKAM provides access to web-sites operated by third persons through links, and promotes banners of other web-sites. In no way will the Company be held liable for the content and the quality of the products or services provided by the said web-sites to which EUROBANKAM provides access or which (web-sites) provide access to EUROBANKAM; in particular, the Company will not be liable for the policy adopted by these web-pages in relation to the protection of personal data.

Personal Data

The procession of personal data is effected in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 . Each time the visitor/user visits EUROBANKAM, certain information are being saved, such as IP address, the date and the particular website that the visitor/user visited, the kind of browser he/she used, and the computer’s operating system.
Every visitor/user of EUROBANKAM is provided with the possibility tofill in their personal detail in the relevant webpage of EUROBANKAM and their comment in the following field of said page. It is specifically noted that said field of EUROBANKAM is provided exclusively for the purpose of the input of text for lawful purposes and to the extent necessary exclusively for the carrying out of the communication with the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to third parties incurred as a consequence ofactions or omissions of users of EUROBANKAM that are against the law, the fair practice and the public order.

It is also noted that the communication with the Company via said field of EUROBANKAM, or via e-mail, is not completely safe and for that reason it is recommended that no sensitive personal data are included in the relevant messages of the users to the Company. From the messages via EUROBANKAM or e-mail received, the Company collects only the data that are necessary in order to answer the sender’s question.

Applicable Law

The aforementioned terms are governed by Greek Law.