ESG-Based Investment Philosophy

Our actions reflect our responsible stance towards the environment, society and corporate governance.

We invest in the future. By adopting an ESG-based (Environmental, Social, Governance) investment philosophy, we apply ESG criteria both during the investment process and when choosing how to place our investments. This is our day-to-day proof of our commitment to sustainability.

Eurobank Asset Management MFMC was the 1st asset management company in Greece to become a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), as part of the Eurobank Group’s wider policy to support sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship.

Values to match your own

Investments based on an ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) approach serve 2 purposes. They allow you to make the most of investment opportunities, while at the same time contributing to sustainable development and becoming more aware of the main factors affecting it.

An ESG-based investment philosophy is adopted by:

  • Investors wishing to contribute to sustainable development through their investment choices.
  • Asset managers opting for investment vehicles that contribute to sustainability.

In this context, asset managers invest in organisations with a clear agenda based on 3 pillars:

  • Respecting the environment – Climate change, CO2 emissions, air/water pollution, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Focusing on social issues – Labour and human rights, health and insurance, gender equality, etc.
  • Improving corporate governance – Management executive remuneration and salaries, business ethics, transparency, corruption, accountability, etc.

How we act on the ESG principles

Concerns about the environment, society and corporate governance form a key part of our corporate philosophy.

Following best practices

As the 1st asset management company in Greece to become a signatory to the PRI initiative, we:

  • Incorporate ESG criteria into our investment analysis and decision making.
  • Adopt ESG criteria in our policy and practices.
  • Actively look for companies adopting ESG practices to place our investments.
  • Promote the acceptance and application of PRI principles in the investing community.
  • Make a constant effort to improve our efficient application of PRI principles.
  • Publish reports on our actions and progress regarding the application of PRI principles.

Implementing an integrated ESG strategy

According to our ESG strategy, good investment performance goes hand-in-hand with responsible corporate behaviour.

At corporate level, we base our actions on these pillars of sustainability and corporate responsibility:

  • Behaving responsibly towards our employees, customers and investors, by following a robust set of principles, rules and procedures, as well as a strict but flexible code of conduct.
  • Being a socially responsible company, by acting within the context of values of the Eurobank Group, and fostering activities and initiatives that focus on education, society, culture, innovation and youth entrepreneurship.
  • Introducing technologically advanced methods into the investment process, and always spearheading the advances in digital transformation when it comes to product distribution and management reports.
  • Managing pioneering investment products that complement the 1st and 2nd pillars of the pension scheme, to help maintain the standard of living post-pension.
  • Communicating and promoting the potential and prospects of Greece in the European investment market.

Investing with a positive impact on sustainability

We adopt internationally recognised trends and practices when managing investments for individual and collective portfolios. This allows you to invest and have a positive impact on sustainable development at a global level.

With ESG funds, you can invest in companies whose philosophies matches your own sets of values, and contribute to improving their sustainability and responsibility outlooks. At the same time, these investments offer competitive performance, matching that of conventional investment solutions, with a wide range of options across diverse investment categories.

Our products promoting environmental and/or social aspects.

Many of our products and services incorporate ESG criteria. Choose a product tailored to your needs that promotes environmental and/or social aspects.
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