Third-party mutual funds

Exclusively for Eurobank Private Banking customers

Get fast and easy access to more than 3,000 mutual funds managed by top international investment firms through the Open Architecture service of the Eurobank Group. The Fund Selection team of Eurobank Asset Management MFMC provides low-cost and transparent services regarding mutual fund analysis, classification and evaluation.  This way you may find investment choices matching your profile and needs.

With the know-how and experience of your Private Banker, you can build your own investment portfolio and invest in international markets.

More than 3,000 mutual funds

Meet your financial needs with access to more than 3,000 mutual funds managed by 14 international investment firms.

Mutual funds vary significantly in terms of their instruments and investment strategy.

Your Private Banker will help you identify those that fulfil your investment goals.

Professional management and transparency

Open Architecture allows you to build your investment portfolio by offering many international options and always under the terms and restrictions of the Greek legislation in force. You secure lower costs, greater convenience and transparency.

An investment portfolio tailored to your needs

The Fund Selection Services Division identifies and presents to you the mutual funds that match your profile, the risk level you wish to assume and your investment horizon. This way you can choose the mutual funds that match your needs.

The Global investment Advisory Division plans the ideal portfolio allocation, always looking to provide you with high-quality targeted investment services.

Our team’s know-how is based on primary and secondary analysis of global capital markets. We use up-to-date econometric models to optimise the risk/reward ratio.

Interested in third-party mutual funds?

Discuss your investment options with your Private Banker at Eurobank and take advantage of investment opportunities worldwide.

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UCITS have no guaranteed returns and past performance does not guarantee future returns.