Global investment Advisory Division (GAD)

Formulate your investment strategy using our know-how.

For institutional investors and Private Banking customers

Dedicated information tools

Investment strategy tailored to your profile

The GAD reports are dedicated information tools addressed to Eurobank Private Banking customers and institutional investors. They identify and analyse market developments, and integrate them into specific investment strategies, tailored to your profile.

Investment Committee Views (ICV)

  • It compiles the opinions of key Eurobank Group divisions regarding short/medium-term market developments.
  • It includes investment strategy and allocation.

Investment Committee Views is issued every 15 days.

GAD Morning (GM)

  • Brief morning updates, offering a daily overview of the most important developments and market prices across several asset classes.

GAD Morning is issued daily.

GAD’s Word (GW)

  • The flagship of Global Investment Advisory Division (GAD) publications.
  • It helps you identify, simplify and leverage market issues so that you can add value to your investment strategies.

GAD’s Word is issued every 6 months.

GAD’s Buzz (GB)

Short ad hoc edition of GAD to stay updated on:

  • Beginning of a trade.
  • Stop-loss or profit-taking levels in time lapses between the regular editions of GAD’s Word (GW) or Investment Committee Views (ICV).
  • Important market developments that need to be analysed.

GAD’s Buzz is issued on an ad hoc basis.

Bond Lists

They cover a series of important criteria, such as:

  • Investment horizon (short, medium, long-term).
  • Geographical exposure.
  • Risk level (low, medium, high).
  • Issuer (company, country, international organisation, semi-governmental body).

Based on these lists, you can ask for bond portfolios tailored to your needs.

The Bond Lists are issued daily.

Recommended Portfolios

  • Investment portfolios with the allocation recommended by the Investment Committee Views (ICV) investment strategy. They only list the asset class category and the geographical exposure.
  • They cover 3 risk levels (low, medium, high).

-They are issued monthly.

Trading Strategy

The analysts of the Global Investment Advisory Division (GAD) provide specialised investment strategy and management advisory services:

  • Primary and secondary analysis of global capital markets.
  • Use of up-to-date econometric models to optimise the risk/reward ratio.
  • Monitoring and assessing your portfolio’s risk profile.

This way you can formulate a beneficial investment strategy based on the added value of each investment option and not based on a specific sector, product or region.

Team of expert analysts

The Global investment Advisory Division (GAD) is composed of 6 executives who:

  • Have long experience in global markets and in the academic field.
  • Have worked in Greece, the USA and the UK.