White Labelling

We set up mutual funds for your specific investment needs.

Customised mutual funds

For you and your end clients

Risk management and custodian services

Through our White Labelling service, we set up customised mutual funds tailored to your investment needs. We offer investment choices for the whole or part of your assets, or your end clients’ assets. At the same time, we provide risk management and custodian services.

The White Labelling service is offered through Eurobank Fund Management Company Luxembourg SA. It allows you to make the most of the flexibility and innovation provided by the legal and institutional framework in Luxembourg.

Setting up mutual funds especially for you

The structure of the platform we have designed for mutual funds authorised in Luxembourg allows us to cover investment needs through different share classes, fee structures and currency denominations.

Branded with your name

The customised mutual funds we set up for you may include your name in their title.

We can set up plain vanilla mutual funds or sophisticated investment schemes, depending on your investment needs.

Adjusted to your investment policy

We agree upon and design the investment policy of the mutual funds we set up especially for you, based on your investment needs.

Participating in management

Our team experts manage the mutual fund we set up to meet your specific needs.

One of your representatives may participate in the investment committee.

Regular updates

Through the White Labelling service you ensure:

  • Participation in the investment process.
  • Daily updates on your investment.
  • Risk management evaluation, upon your request.

Custodian Services

Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg SA provides custodian services for the portfolio of the mutual fund we set up to meet your needs.

You may opt for a different financial institution to provide custodian services.

Supervision and auditing

All mutual funds we set up through our White Labelling service are supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) in Luxembourg.

The auditing company is KPMG.